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  1. 5G IS MULTI-LAYERED 5G is not a platform all built at once, but is multi-layered, built in stages. One such layer includes LED streetlights that are known to be carcinogenic and harmful to eyesight, according to France 24. The Telegraph warns that these streetlights may double the cancer risk, according to a new research. The deployment of the LED streetlights is one of the technologies that enable 5G and smart cities, according to Navigant Research. One layer is built on the other. Wi-Fi installed on the LED streetlights with transmitters and cameras on top, turning them into mini-cell towers, according to Energy Manager Today, with 24/7 surveillance.
  2. SURVEILLANCE 24/7 Not only will people suffer more from this increased radiation forced upon us without our consent or informing us, but it is also leading to complete control and 24/7 surveillance by the state just as in China’s smart cities, according to TechCrunch. This is called IOT, the Internet of Things that anything which can be connected to the system and gather information and perform surveillance on us will be connected to this system. This is what Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai said, according to IEEE ComSoc Technology Blog: “It’s the building block to a world where everything that can be connected will be connected — where driverless cars talk to smart transportation networks and where wireless sensors can monitor your health and transmit data to your doctor. That’s a snapshot of what the 5G world will look like.” We are fast approaching a time in which “Big Brother” will watch you everywhere all the time. This isn’t an exaggeration. Look what happens in China, because this is the plan for all countries. IOM - RASVJETA
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